Music for young children

Welcome nursery rhyme lovers and children’s song connoisseurs!

Music for young children
Music for young children

After spending a lot of time with my two daughters watching Children’s songs on Youtube I came to the conclusion that there was too much poor content ranking very highly. (Don’t get me wrong there is also a lot of very good content) But anyway I decided to give it a go for myself.In

About five months ago I created the video Old MacDonald had a farm and uploaded it to Youtube. Since then I’ve created 3 more videos and in total they have received about 400,000 views and hundreds of likes. At the time I would have been very happy with a 10th of that, so now I have decided it’s time to create a website.

You can expect to find links to the video’s on the Little Rockstar channel here. In addition I intend to add information about the tools and methods I’ve used to create the animations as well as useful resources and mistakes that I’ve made along the way. 
I should note that I started this without any animating experience or training and so I hope I can give a useful perspective to someone starting out. At the same time I’m always happy to get some constructive criticism.

Thank you for visiting and please feel free to leave me a comment.

All the best

Ray Vahey

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