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Outsourcing has become pretty much commonplace in the business world these days as companies try to save money through these lean times. It’s easy to think of outsourcing as simply sending a whole bunch of jobs overseas to be done by cheaper labor. The fact is that outsourcing is also all about assigning jobs to people who have expertise in a certain niche, but who aren’t really required on a full-time basis. For example, you may have a smaller company that requires a newsletter to go out to new and existing customers once per month. It doesn’t really pay to have a full-time writer on staff, but hiring one on a per job basis means getting the newsletter done professionally without having to shell out a fortune.

That’s all well and good for medium to large sized businesses that have a budget for that sort of thing, but what about the little guy that might be running an online business from the basement of his home? I know that sounds odd, but there are more and more people who are now viewing the internet as the perfect way to create a new, start-up business. The truth of the matter is that there is very little overhead or seed money required to start a business of that sort, but there will be times when the business owner comes across an aspect of the business that he or she knows nothing about.

The great news for those folks is that there is now a website that offers micro-gigs that are perfect for those types of small-time operations. was established as a place where average people could post what they were willing to do for $5. Sure, there are some oddball gigs to be found in there, but there are also people who will design letterheads and business cards, write killer content, do voice over work, video editing, and all manner of other jobs that are crucial to the success of a small business.
You might think that the quality of work that you receive won’t be particularly great, especially since it’s only five bucks, but you would be very surprised. Many of the people on Fiverr are trying to establish a business of their own, and this is the perfect avenue for them to do so. It’s the perfect business to business scenario, with the owner of the small website paying a nominal fee to receive quality work. Once they have received that, they are very likely to come back for more, and spread the word about how good the service they received was.
Search for Fiverr success stories on Google and you will run across many people that have been able to parlay their $5 gigs into a successful work from home business. You’ll find many more small businesses that have been able to thrive and grow thanks to the contributions of the skilled people that are listed all over the Fiverr site. It truly is a win/win scenario.
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