This Little Piggy

This video contains two nursery rhymes, This Little Piggy and 1,2 Buckle My Shoe.

Both of my daughters appear in this one, the best thing is they work for ice pops.

The nursery rhyme This Little Piggy was first published in London some time around 1760. The rhyme is usually counted out on a child’s toes, each piggy corresponding to a different toe and the “wee wee wee…” part is where the child’s feet are tickled.

1,2 Buckle My Shoe was first recorded in Songs for the Nursery, published in London in 1805. The lyrics in this video are probably the most common but if you search the www you’ll find many versions that differ, including versions that go all the way up to 40.

The audio is This Little Piggy by Terry Devine-King and Adam Drake.

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