Once Upon A Time

Technology has made our lives better in ways that are too numerous to mention, but it seems that may have come at a cost to many. Children nowadays are growing up with the glow of a computer or mobile device lighting their way, rather than burying their face in a good book. Parents will blame technology and claim that they are simply giving their kids all the things that they never had, but what gets lost in the shuffle is precious time spent with our children. Little ones crave our attention, and by simply taking 10 or 15 minutes a day to read with them, we give them that, and so much more.
Story TimeAs well as spending time with you, kids also love to have a routine to follow. Sure, they may not openly admit that or even be aware of it at an early age, but a daily schedule is just as important for them as it is for adults. What that means is that you can easily make reading part of that daily routine, with bedtime one of the best times to do so. If you get children acquainted with the magic of books and story time from an early age, they will be less willing to put up a fight when bedtime comes around, if only because it means they get to hear the next chapter of the story they are engrossed in.
Books do hold a magical quality, but they are also fantastic learning tools for your little ones. Having them follow along, placing your finger under every word as you speak, will help them to grasp the basics of the language very quickly. You can pick up a wide variety of books that will expand their horizons far beyond the white picket fence out back. Children’s book, where they can touch different textures and see pop up worlds, will prove to be a gateway that will surely lead them into a lifetime of reading.
There is a very special bond that is created when you take the time to read with your child. I say “with” because it’s important to let them join in the fun with you. Choose fun rhyming books that will make them laugh and play along. Read their favorite stories over and over again, encouraging them to read along with you. While some of what they say will come from memory, doing so will help them quickly grasp the meaning and understanding of the words on the pages before them.
If you can cultivate this love of reading at an early age, it is something that they will carry with them into their teen and then adult years. If technology has taken you away from your love of reading, use this as an opportunity to get it back. When you open the pages of a book to read to your child, what they really see is you opening your heart to let them in. The books become the ties that bind you together, so don’t let technology cut the cord.
Written by John Watson of theinkedwriter.com

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