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Head In The Clouds
Entrepreneurs who come up with fantastic ideas are often described as having their head in the clouds, with many people feeling that there is no way they can ever make those ideas come to life. Ironically enough, they can now actually use the cloud to make their business dreams become reality, since the costs associated with going that route are much cheaper than traditional methods. Think of a small business that would traditionally have a lot of data to store. They would have to think about spending a small fortune on technology such as computers and servers, not to mention another salary for an IT guy who would make sure that all the files were properly backed up and stored, and that the network is up and running at all times. Moving all of that data to the cloud is a much cheaper option, and actually gives the company room to grow without having to load up on technology with each expansion.
Companies that offer cloud computing services, such as Amazon AWS and Google Compute Engine, have numerous different plans that allow a small business to use as much, or as little, space as they need. It also helps that the owner of the business and his employees can access that data, no matter where they are. That means no more late night trips back to the office to locate a file that is tucked away on a computer. Moving that information to the cloud makes it accessible 24/7/365 from smartphones, to tablets, to the laptop you work with in bed.
There is also the cost of software to think about when starting a small business. Most of these pieces of software are ridiculously priced and can be a burden on the budget, especially if it’s something that you will only use a couple of times per month or for a limited period of time. There are now cloud based applications that can be used for a fraction of the cost of the big ticket items. For example, instead of buying overpriced invoicing software, you could use Freshbooks for just a few bucks per month. There is no point in overpaying for something that you can get from the cloud for a lot less.
Perhaps one of the biggest benefits that small business will see from using the cloud is the ability to access it across all platforms. It doesn’t matter if you have a Windows based computer setup in the office, a Mac at home, and a tablet than is Android based, you will still be able to access all your stored information from any one of them. That makes everything that much easier to manage, since you don’t have to be concerned with using the proper extensions or making sure that one file is saves to one system while the rest go to another. It’s clean, simple, easy to manage, and you don’t have to worry about all of your important company information being lost or compromised should something happen to your network. Perhaps it is time to free your business from traditional computing methods and instead get it up in the clouds with you.
Written by John Watson

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